Well here the chocolate journey begins…..

Well hello there. I believe it is time to share my journey of chocolate discovery.

Although I have made desserts and truffles and other delights over the years, it has been the last year and a half that I have discovered where my passion really lies. In CHOCOLATE!. So i started learning as much as I could in regards to chocolate and who knew it would be more complex than I ever imagined..yet very satisfying!. Its not everyday you find a career that first of all 93 % of the population loves but to have to work with chocolate on a daily basis..well all I can say is im blessed.

To begin I want to share my latest and most challenging chocolate creation to date. Just this past week I worked on a friends grooms cake. For my Aussie friends, it appears over here in the states they not only have a wedding cake but the groom also has a cake which, correct me if I’m wrong, can be presented at either the reception or the rehearsal dinner. Well Paul and Liz wanted something different that would also serve dessert for their rehearsal dinner. I was given  a picture of a chocolate design they were interested in and asked to see what I could do with it!

Well after many experiments with hand making the boxes I found the best technique. I tried cutting all four sides and a base out of chocolate then glued them together with more chocolate. This was a very slow process and left marks all over the boxes. Not a pretty site. Then my fellow chocolatier friend suggested finding a mold in the shape and size I needed. Voila’! it worked perfectly.

The finished product contained 65 individual boxes, the dark filled with a rich chocolate mousse. The white filled with a white chocoalte, lime and cream cheese mousse. I topped them off with strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and cherries. And the end result…..Paul and Liz's Grooms Tower.Chocolate Boxes

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3 Responses to Well here the chocolate journey begins…..

  1. eleanor says:

    they look awesome shelly. if you were going to be in oz when i have my wedding in oct 2010 i’d get you to make my dessert!!

  2. Katie Dunlap says:

    That looks AMAZING! Great job!

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