Vanilla Cream and Chai Latte….

Hello fellow chocolate lovers…. Wednesday was a great day for my confidence.

Chai Latte

I have perfected my Chai Tea Ganache. I still wish to top it with some Chai spices to complete it but I’m VERY happy with the end product. I have never been the biggest fan of Chai tea ( I dont drink tea or coffee for that matter!) but the smell of chai tea is fantastic. Once its added to chocolate it really comes to life for me. I worked on a formula for the ganche and decided this last time to double the strength and seep it for longer and it worked. Now to add to my ‘FINISHED’ recipes. Next I made …….

Vanilla Creams

If you have never used a real vanilla bean…well I’m insisting you try one today! Incredible doesn’t describe the flavour and imitation vanilla is no match what so ever!. If you do buy them split them down the middle and scrap each side with the back of your knife for all its goodness.  Put the leftover bean into a jar of sugar… it will make the most delicious vanilla infused sugar for custards, creams, frostings or even added to your favourite herbal teas. I  bought some yesterday and decided to make a white vanilla ganache. The flavour is so intense without that alcohol after taste…try them I know you wont be disappointed. This chocolate turned out well but next time I am going to try the same ganche but coated in a milk chocolate to allow the vanilla to really cut through. I will keep you posted…

P.S.  Notice the gorgeous flowers my Hubby brought home…Just because….

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