Two big cakes in one weekend.

This past weekend was a very busy but fun weekend. I had two orders for the one gorgeous little girl, Piper. One cake on Saturday for her Naming Day ceremony and a cupcake tower the next day for her Blessing Day. The criteria: chocolate mud cake, fondant on one and what ever I want for the second. I had a blast designing these cakes.

So here is what they ended up with. The top layer was carrot cake with lemon cream cheese filling. The bottom layer was chocolate mud cake with ganache filling. I was blown away with the responses. I had many comments on my cakes but one friend told me it was the BEST cake he has EVER eaten. Well that was a boost to my confidence and a great result.

The second cake I really enjoyed making. It brought back many memories from when I used to bake cakes in a little cupcake shop in Spring Hill (a town south of Nashville in Tenessee). Pipers mum is wheat intolerant so I wanted to included a cake that she could enjoy as the cakes from the day before all contained wheat. This cake at the top was an orange and almond cake with chocolate ganache. I love this recipe. Its so easy and I also had rave reviews about it. I decided to stick with mud cake for the cupcakes but chose two different flavoured frostings. The bright colourful ones were vanilla buttercream and the other a whipped chocolate ganache. All in all a successful weekend doing what I love! I feel so blessed.


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2 Responses to Two big cakes in one weekend.

  1. Manee Langford says:

    Such a talented woman! You inspire me Shelly.
    A master piece!

  2. Anonymous says:

    Fantastic!!! You are so talented …your creativity never ceases to amaze me.

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