Passion Caramels and Mocha Mallows….

Well I have begun the Christmas season with an order for some special friends who have renewed there wedding vows for their 10th anniversary. Each guest received a cute box of three chocolates.

I finally got to try out my long awaited heart mold and decided to make a new chocolate flavour to go with it.

This is a passion fruit and coconut milk caramel in a white chocolate shell. The other two chocolates were raspberry rose, with a rose ganache and fresh raspberry jelly and my chai milk truffle.

Also this week I decided to work on my mallows and try to recreate the mocha mallows. (All my mallow recipes disappeared on the move back to Australia!). I was very pleased with these and will coat a few tomorrow in chocolate. After all you can’t have enough chocolate, right?

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2 Responses to Passion Caramels and Mocha Mallows….

  1. The chocolate cubes are simple but they should be really good. Good design for the other stuff.

  2. Danni Howes says:

    oh my goodness gracious me!!!!!!!!!!!! This is terrible!!!!! Terribly good!!!!!!!!!! Passion fruit and coconut milk caramel in a white chocolate shell!!! Hush up already!!!!!!

    Love love love!!!!!!
    Can’t wait to try :)
    Love Danni

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