New Batch of Chocolates!

Well its been awhile since my last entry but with holidays and family visiting it has been busy. My brother in law hasn’t come for the past few weeks so I have put the cookbook challenge aside for awhile. Instead my mother ( mothers are so good for the self esteem!) ordered 6 boxes of chocolates for gifts… while she was visiting I got creating. I worked on six different flavours but unfortunately, due to the wrong size piping nozzle, the shape of the honey bee hives looked more like replicas of what the neighbours dog left behind! Of course they didn’t go to waste but ended up being eaten by the household..very fast!.

Wow I have so much to learn about chocolate but I managed to turn out 5 nice flavours.

A dark pomegranate truffle, Milk Chai Latte, White creamy coconut, Milk cinnamon and orange and a classic 70% dark truffle. Not a bad effort considering we had 13 people sleeping in the house at the time.

And the finished products…..

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5 Responses to New Batch of Chocolates!

  1. Di Brown says:

    Hi Shelley,
    Pauline and Cheryl have been raving about your chocolates for ages, so last week when I got to sample them I now know why. They are the best I have ever tasted and I know a good chocolate when I taste one! Congratulation!

  2. Di says:

    looking yummy…..God bless you MJ as you create with Him.

  3. Gail says:

    Wow they look so inviting. Well done!!

  4. Cheryl Roberts says:

    Loved the latest chocolates. Have had them with coffee and savoured every last mouthful. Especially loved the white chocolate on. Keep on creating….

  5. Danni howes says:

    Wow they look and sound amazing!!!! If you’re keen for us to sample any, fir research purposes, while you’re visiting we are more than willing:)

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