My first Croquembouche (crock-em-bush)!

Talk about excited!….I was asked to make my first Croquembouche for a Logie’s celebration party for 26 people. Well I will be honest….I studied this dessert for many hours before making the final product. I have made many profiteroles, eclairs and a St Honores but to assemble a croquembouche…nope…never.

The challenges were: 

To assemble the dessert only an hour before delivery, due to its mildly rapid deterioration.

For delivery to be only 2-3 hours before it has to be consumed (so the toffee doesn’t soften and dissapear!)

To fill the profiteroles just before dipping in toffee so the custard doesn’t become warm and melt from the heat of the toffee.

And then to deliver the made tower that doesnt have a supporting cone….15 mintes down the road!

Well Im happy to say due to my amazing husband it was all achievable……hectic but achievable. I enjoyed the challenged immensely but with the time deadline we didn’t get the best of photos. So please don’t look to close. And here she is!!!!!!

And a few shots during the process…..

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One Response to My first Croquembouche (crock-em-bush)!

  1. Vicky Quintieri says:

    I like your photos of the crock-em-bush but do we get the receipe, it would be helpful, as my grand-daughter turns 12 years old on the 12th April, and she would love a crock-em-bush as a birthday cake, thanks hoping to hear from you soon.

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