Mallows and more….

I have been baking like crazy….cupcakes, frosting tests, marshmallows trials….Its been fun and my baby girl can prove it! As I mentioned to a friend, I’m preparing her for Baby Masterchef…do you think she’s could be a contender?

When I lived in Nashville I discovered the true joy of homemade marshmallows. So many people turn their nose up at the thought of marshmallows but their only experience has been the small, round ones covered in cornflour from the supermarket. Well I guareentee these are nothing like the store ones. They are light and fluffy and full of flavor…most importantly they are not as sickly sweet. Unfortunately my mallow recipes were amoung the recipes lost in our journey home to Australia. All that recipe development has to be started again. So if you can put up with hearing about all my new flavours in the future I will let you know when I have a new batch on the counter.

Toasted Coconut Mallows

I have been baking more chocolate cupcakes as well as a new one I’m working on for the cafe…Double Vanilla bean cupcakes.

Chocolate on Chocolate Cupcakes

Double Vanilla Bean Cupcakes









I am quite excited about the next few months….next week I have a new friend to meet that has ordered some cakes and a trifle from me…wait for the update on that! Then later this week my products page will be launched ready to take Christmas orders. Things are taking off…I hope I’m ready for it.

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