Leopard Print, Roses and….. a Rat!

Yes, a rat!….I have been very blessed and busy since the beginning of the year. I have had quite a few orders, including some wedding and engagement orders coming up. My latest cooking adventure was an order I received for a cake. The requirements were; leopard print, roses and a pet rat! I love a good challenge. I decided on a two layer vanilla bean syrup cake with vanilla butter cream. I hand painted the leopard print and made the pet rat out of fondant.

The funniest part of this whole challenge was the morning after I had made the rat. It was sitting on the bench in the cake stand drying and my son came out and made his breakfast. As soon as he saw the rat staring back at him he had this look of shock on his white stricken face. “DAD!!!!…..daaaad…there’s a RAT staring at me……oh, its not real! Good job mum!” It was a priceless moment.




I also had the chance to reminisce over a previous career I had in Nashville, as a fruit bouquet arranger. A friend ordered a fruit arrangement for a Kitchen tea and I was extremely excited to pull these skills out again. No matter what size you make them, they just have this WOW factor about them.  I adore making the fruit arrangements but even better are the double dipped chocolate banana pieces. There’s nothing quite like it. One day I will sell these banana pieces in my cafe and you can try them for yourself. They are definitely one of my weaknesses.

xoxoxox Mjo

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3 Responses to Leopard Print, Roses and….. a Rat!

  1. ez says:

    Far out shel- no wonder seb thought the rat was real! Man ur good!!!love ur work xx

  2. Tracy says:

    WOW! That is incredible….couldn’t wait to see this cake of yours and I am just amazed at how real that rat looks.
    Love the leopard print too….came together nicely.
    Great job!

  3. Danni says:

    Awwww I just love your creativity and skills! You’re amazing!

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