Im Back with a Caramel Chocolate Slice Challange! ( or bar for my American friends).

Hi all,

Its been along time in which I have moved countries, lived in 2 states, set up a house from scratch not to mention giving birth to a gorgeous baby girl.

So I have been thinking its time to get back to it….posting on the blog but most importantly…creating and cooking with chocolate! I am still waiting for a transformer to arrive from the states so I can use my temperer on the Australian power supply so in the mean time I thought I would start with a challenge that you maybe able to help with. Here goes…….

I absolutely adore Chocolate Caramel Slice (bar) but saying that I am a snob when it comes to finding the perfect one. The challenge is to experiment and find the perfect recipe….My requirements include:

  • Chocolate topping that has real chocolate in it!
  • Chocolate top you cant taste vegetable oil in.
  • Smooth Caramel that has a thicker layer than the base…this is a must.
  • and finally the perfect base is SOFT and has coconut in it. I don’t like hard dry pastry bases!!..

So there you have it….only slightly picky  ha ha. Well today I tried a recipe I found on the net and this was the result: The base was ok but to thick and dry….and I could taste the vegetable oil added to the chocolate! But the caramel wasn’t bad. SO is anyone up for the challenge?

If you think you have the perfect recipe or would like to try and make it yourself….get cooking and send me a photo and your verdict….I would love to try it…and in the mean time I will keep searching and perfecting myself.

Happy Caramel searching…..

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