Exciting news…..

With thanks to my fantastic parents I will be studying for three months through Ecole Chocolat.

It is an online chocolate program where you do all the practical work at home and then meet fellow students and lecturers online. I am very excited and hope to post my progress, assignments and chocolate developments here.  I feel so blessed being able to study chocolate!!!

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2 Responses to Exciting news…..

  1. limoncellodituscany says:

    I just enrolled in Ecole Chocolat for January courses and I would very much appreciate if you could write me something about your own experience there.

    • cocoajo says:

      I have just finished it and really enjoyed it, however it is a course where you get as much out of it as you put into it.

      There is a section you can opt for at the end which is business related and I found this extremely beneficial even though i will not be opening my store for a long time.

      Hope that helps.


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