Christmas orders, War Widows , a new Logo design, a broken temperer, a Wedding cake….and a partridge in a pair tree!

Wow..its been awhile since I last updated you but I have been busy. At Christmas I created 30+ boxes of chocolates for orders with 9 different flavours. I then had a big war widows order of 4 different flavours, My husband has since designed my new logo and I absolutely love it!!! and finally my latest adventure….a friends wedding cake. So much to fill you in on.

Firstly……the logo.

Next, Christmas has well and truly gone but not the memory of my chocolate making week. Just as I started my 300+ chocolates I noticed my machine wasn’t working. There’s no time like absolute pressure to master the art of microwave tempering. Tough week aside I’m glad it happened. I learnt more about the movement, appearance and temperament of chocolate in one week than I have in my journey so far.

I managed to make 9 flavours some of which have become my ‘new’ favourites. The new ones include:

Classic Nut Tower – Toasted almond pieces in a milk chocolate hazelnut Gianduja
Garden Mint – Bittersweet chocolate ganache and fresh garden mint
Classic Orange – Fresh orange milk ganache with Boyajian pure  orange oil
Pineapple Punch – 70% dark chocolate swirl with fresh pineapple pate’ de fruit and pineapple milk ganache
Raspberry Roses – Raspberry puree and rose water in a bittersweet rose shell

Cocoa Jo's Packing

My war widows order comprised of 4 flavours: Rum ‘n’ Raisin, Coconut Dream, Chai and Honey Cinnamon Caramels. Apparently the feedback was “fantastic”. Another job done…..more satisfied customers. Yay!

And finally this past week I had the pleasure of making a dear family friends wedding cake. They had a gorgeous wedding at the beach in Currumbin with close family and friends, followed by a cocktail reception. It was so lovely. The final creation consisted of three types of cake. The top layer was a chocolate whisky fruit cake covered in fondant accompanied by two types of cupcakes. Italian Wedding cake with Cream Cheese frosting and Chocolate Mud cake with Chocolate buttercream frosting. The absolutely gorgeous cake topper was hand created by the grooms sister-in-law Tamra Philpot of  Birry Cake Toppers. She does a fantastic job and the detail is impeccable.

The end result…everyone LOVED the cakes..absolutely loved them. And I……I learnt to   relax and have confidence in what I do. A hard lesson to learn when your a perfectionist, but a great one.

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2 Responses to Christmas orders, War Widows , a new Logo design, a broken temperer, a Wedding cake….and a partridge in a pair tree!

  1. Jean MacKay says:

    Great website- looking forward to getting you to do some orders later in the year for my daughters 40th – Cheers Jean

  2. Cheryl Roberts says:

    The wedding cake was a credit to you . Looked great and tasted even better.
    Cupcakes were fantastic and the whisky cake was even better.
    I would recommend these cakes for any celebration. Fantastic CocoaJo!!!!!

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