Chocolate Caramel Apples.

Well these have to be my new favourite dessert. A huge step up from the red toffee apples we grew up with. Although Americans have been enjoying these for years, we Australians are truly missing out!

Take a crisp Granny Smith apple, dip it in a dark, honey caramel and coat in your favourite Belgium chocolate and toppings. The combinations are as great as your imagination. Toasted nuts, crushed candy bars or biscuits, M&M’s, dried fruits and even marshmallows. The caramel I tried first was a standard recipe and tasted ok but I wanted more than OK. So the search was on for a caramel recipe of Old, the type Grandma use to make. Unfortunately I can’t share the one I have found because its so good I’m using it on the apples I sell. But its easy to find caramel scratch recipes…..

If that’s too daunting…I am selling them for $10.95 an apple + $6.95 postage ( Australia only). If your interested message me with your order and don’t forget to tell me which topping you would like. Or make your own combination, I’m happy to accommodate you. You really must try a caramel apple at some stage in your life. And they make fantastic Easter presents.

The five flavours I made this week were :

Golden Rough – dipped in Belgium Milk Chocolate with toasted coconut.
Big Kid – dipped in Belgium Milk Chocolate and rolled in mini M & M’s.
Triple Choc – dipped in  Belgium Milk Chocolate with dark and white chocolate drizzles.
Apple Pie – dipped in White Belgium Chocolate and cinnamon sugar. ( My favourite! )
Dark Almond – dipped in 53% Belgium Dark Chocolate and rolled in toasted almonds, sprinkled with Pink Himalayan rock salt.

I’m off to experiment with new flavours…mmmmmmm.

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5 Responses to Chocolate Caramel Apples.

  1. Danni Howes says:

    … Oops :) the joy of iPod’s
    * the dark choc and pink salt was an amazing experience. My taste buds and glands went beserk. Easily my favorite along with the others.
    So yes, of course we polished them off!!! We kept going back for “just another slither”
    Thanks for your amazing gift of food art Shell!!!!!

  2. Danni Howes says:

    We tried the:
    * apple pie- I think this my favorite. The cinnamon and chocolate and apple combined is pure brilliant
    * the big kid was a lot of fun. The mm’s were stuck on tight by amazing chocolate, or caramel?? Totally yummo
    * the triple choc was prob my fave actually. The dark, milk and white chocolate drizzles was dessert on it’s own. if you’ve ever tasted Michelle-jo’s chocolate you know what I’m talking about
    * the snickers apple was so good. I don’t live snicker bars but I still went back a couple of times for more cause it was that good
    * the dark chocolate and

  3. Danni Howes says:

    So… These are absolutely my new fave desserts too.
    #1 they look ridiculously amazing and would blow anyone away. They’re fun and creative and feel like it’s party time
    #2 they taste even better tha they look!!! It’s true!!! The granny smith apple has that fresh, juicy tang and the caramel is completely out of this world. Whatever topping you choose you will love.

  4. cocoajo says:

    Thanks….so glad you enjoyed it!….I’m sure I will have more experiments soon!

  5. elena says:

    Thanks ( again) for the delicious caramel apple ( i think you called it apple pie)! the explosion of flavours … mhhhhhh and the texture of crisp apple combined with gooey caramel made it irresistible. I had to fight my family for it : ))). And ,if you ever need a lab rat to try on your yummy sweets , please let me know, i ll love to. xoxoxo

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