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What an interesting day!

This morning I recieved a phone call from a friend to say the childs’ birthday party she was attending was now ‘cakeless’…..due a disappearing baker!  So the challenge was… could I bake a cake and cupcakes with the cars theme in 3.5 hours?

Well I have to say both yes and no…..haha.. I made the cakes and cupcakes but unfortunately no matter what I did I couldn’t cool the center of the cake down enough. I ended up frosting it anyway and if you look real close it was melted by the time they had traveled the hour drive to deliver it. But all in all the reports on taste were good and the parents of the birthday boy were very happy with it.

Maybe I need to invest in a blast chiller like the ones on Masterchef. I was happy enough with it and so were the customers, considering all that happened.





Christmas 2011….

Well Christmas has been and gone and I have rested and am ready for more creating. I was completely overwhelmed with the orders I received. It was incredible and challenging but again, worth every minute. On top of chocolate orders I also catered desserts for a local Sewing Christmas lunch. For this I made trifles, chocolate peanut butter pie, Italian cupcakes and the stars of the show…. lemon mallows and raspberry mallows.  I thought January would be my time to relax but I already have more orders and enquiries coming in. I think 2012 is going to be a great year for Cocoa Jo’s.