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Well I have begun the Christmas season with an order for some special friends who have renewed there wedding vows for their 10th anniversary. Each guest received a cute box of three chocolates.

I finally got to try out my long awaited heart mold and decided to make a new chocolate flavour to go with it.

This is a passion fruit and coconut milk caramel in a white chocolate shell. The other two chocolates were raspberry rose, with a rose ganache and fresh raspberry jelly and my chai milk truffle.

Also this week I decided to work on my mallows and try to recreate the mocha mallows. (All my mallow recipes disappeared on the move back to Australia!). I was very pleased with these and will coat a few tomorrow in chocolate. After all you can’t have enough chocolate, right?

This week I had a special birthday order for a dear friend. She has two precious girls that love to cook and one day I plan to give her girls some chocolate making lessons. But for now she ordered a big box of chocolates just for herself!..So of course what better reason to learn to make fondant creme from scratch and add a whole new range of chocolates to my repertoire.

I hadn’t tried working with fondant creme because from what I had heard it was tricky to make and I was having trouble sourcing it in Australia. Well with some research Jean Pierre Wybauw came through for me again and I found a great technique that works for me. So the two new flavours I made were the classic Peppermint Creme and a Vanilla bean infused fondant that tastes a little like a cadbury creme egg but richer and less sweet!

Here they are in all their glory!  The other flavors were: Dark Chocolate Pomegranate Molasses, White Chocolate Coconut Dream, Milk Chocolate Hazelnut Gianduja and Honey Fleur de Sel Caramels.

Wow..its been awhile since I last updated you but I have been busy. At Christmas I created 30+ boxes of chocolates for orders with 9 different flavours. I then had a big war widows order of 4 different flavours, My husband has since designed my new logo and I absolutely love it!!! and finally my latest adventure….a friends wedding cake. So much to fill you in on.

Firstly……the logo.

Next, Christmas has well and truly gone but not the memory of my chocolate making week. Just as I started my 300+ chocolates I noticed my machine wasn’t working. There’s no time like absolute pressure to master the art of microwave tempering. Tough week aside I’m glad it happened. I learnt more about the movement, appearance and temperament of chocolate in one week than I have in my journey so far.

I managed to make 9 flavours some of which have become my ‘new’ favourites. The new ones include:

Classic Nut Tower – Toasted almond pieces in a milk chocolate hazelnut Gianduja
Garden Mint – Bittersweet chocolate ganache and fresh garden mint
Classic Orange – Fresh orange milk ganache with Boyajian pure  orange oil
Pineapple Punch – 70% dark chocolate swirl with fresh pineapple pate’ de fruit and pineapple milk ganache
Raspberry Roses – Raspberry puree and rose water in a bittersweet rose shell

Cocoa Jo's Packing

My war widows order comprised of 4 flavours: Rum ‘n’ Raisin, Coconut Dream, Chai and Honey Cinnamon Caramels. Apparently the feedback was “fantastic”. Another job done…..more satisfied customers. Yay!

And finally this past week I had the pleasure of making a dear family friends wedding cake. They had a gorgeous wedding at the beach in Currumbin with close family and friends, followed by a cocktail reception. It was so lovely. The final creation consisted of three types of cake. The top layer was a chocolate whisky fruit cake covered in fondant accompanied by two types of cupcakes. Italian Wedding cake with Cream Cheese frosting and Chocolate Mud cake with Chocolate buttercream frosting. The absolutely gorgeous cake topper was hand created by the grooms sister-in-law Tamra Philpot of  Birry Cake Toppers. She does a fantastic job and the detail is impeccable.

The end result…everyone LOVED the cakes..absolutely loved them. And I……I learnt to   relax and have confidence in what I do. A hard lesson to learn when your a perfectionist, but a great one.




Vanilla Cream and Chai Latte….

Hello fellow chocolate lovers…. Wednesday was a great day for my confidence.

Chai Latte

I have perfected my Chai Tea Ganache. I still wish to top it with some Chai spices to complete it but I’m VERY happy with the end product. I have never been the biggest fan of Chai tea ( I dont drink tea or coffee for that matter!) but the smell of chai tea is fantastic. Once its added to chocolate it really comes to life for me. I worked on a formula for the ganche and decided this last time to double the strength and seep it for longer and it worked. Now to add to my ‘FINISHED’ recipes. Next I made …….

Vanilla Creams

If you have never used a real vanilla bean…well I’m insisting you try one today! Incredible doesn’t describe the flavour and imitation vanilla is no match what so ever!. If you do buy them split them down the middle and scrap each side with the back of your knife for all its goodness.  Put the leftover bean into a jar of sugar… it will make the most delicious vanilla infused sugar for custards, creams, frostings or even added to your favourite herbal teas. I  bought some yesterday and decided to make a white vanilla ganache. The flavour is so intense without that alcohol after taste…try them I know you wont be disappointed. This chocolate turned out well but next time I am going to try the same ganche but coated in a milk chocolate to allow the vanilla to really cut through. I will keep you posted…

P.S.  Notice the gorgeous flowers my Hubby brought home…Just because….




New Batch of Chocolates!

Well its been awhile since my last entry but with holidays and family visiting it has been busy. My brother in law hasn’t come for the past few weeks so I have put the cookbook challenge aside for awhile. Instead my mother ( mothers are so good for the self esteem!) ordered 6 boxes of chocolates for gifts… while she was visiting I got creating. I worked on six different flavours but unfortunately, due to the wrong size piping nozzle, the shape of the honey bee hives looked more like replicas of what the neighbours dog left behind! Of course they didn’t go to waste but ended up being eaten by the household..very fast!.

Wow I have so much to learn about chocolate but I managed to turn out 5 nice flavours.

A dark pomegranate truffle, Milk Chai Latte, White creamy coconut, Milk cinnamon and orange and a classic 70% dark truffle. Not a bad effort considering we had 13 people sleeping in the house at the time.

And the finished products…..