Caramel Apples

Chocolate Caramel Apples

Traditional apples $12 each plus p&h.    Gourmet apples $15 each plus p&h.

Traditional flavours:

Golden Rough – dipped in Belgium Milk Chocolate with toasted coconut.
Triple Choc – dipped in  Belgium Milk Chocolate with dark and white chocolate drizzles.
Apple Pie – dipped in White Belgium Chocolate and cinnamon sugar. ( My favourite! )
Dark Almond – dipped in 53% Belgium Dark Chocolate and rolled in toasted almonds, sprinkled with Pink Himalayan rock salt.
Cashews Galore – dipped in Milk chocolate and covered in roasted cashews.
Snowball – dipped in White chocolate and rolled in shredded coconut ( untoasted ).
The Big Freckle – dipped in Milk chocolate and covered in 100′s and 1000′s.

Gourmet flavours:

Big Kid – dipped in Belgium Milk Chocolate and rolled in mini M & M’s.
Snicker Snicker – dipped in Milk Chocolate with chopped snicker bars.
Rocky Road – dipped in your choice of Milk, Dark or White chocolate with mini marshmallows, peanuts and jelly lollies.
Dirt and Worms – dipped in dark chocolate, half rolled in crushed oreos and topped with sour gummi worms.
My Fav – dipped in Milk or Dark chocolate topped with your choice of chopped chocolate bar. For example: cherry ripe, peppermint crisp, picnic, mars bar, or boost bar.

To order contact me with details of what you would like and the quantity and I will email you.

Thank you  Cocoa JO xoxoxo

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