Cake, cake and more cake….

Well I am certainly blessed. I have had the opportunity to bake many cakes recently and play around with different flavors and decorations. It has been so much fun…..and eating the leftovers hasn’t exactly been a chore either! I know I have not posted much about chocolates lately, to my defense most of the cakes contain chocolate or chocolate work. Here’s a sample for you:

chocolate mud strawberry cakedebs cake








This was a double layer, 10 cm high mud cake. It was frosted with chocolate ganache and topped with fresh strawberries. Around the sides I used 64% Dark chocolate strips with a chocolate transfer on them.

black forrest italian weddingIn the middle of August we have a big celebration. There are three family birthdays within 5 days. So this year instead of having one big cake I made three cakes. The one missing from the photo was the New York Cheesecake from a previous blog. The next an Italian wedding cake with cream cheese frosting and toasted coconut. The final one….a black forest cake with chocolate ganache.

salted caramel chocolate cake 1salted caramel chocolate cake


This layer cake consisted of chocolate cake with caramel butter cream and was topped with a thick salted caramel sauce. And last but not least this week I have another family birthday cake to bake…..the request….chocolate and orange. mmmmm…the brain is ticking with ideas!

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