A Byron Bay Wedding: Part 1….

Many of you may have seen my original wedding tower for Paul and Liz’ wedding a few years ago. Well I was fortunate enough to get another order for one here in Australia! This one was slightly larger with 80 boxes in total.

The dark boxes were filled with dark chocolate mousse and the white boxes with a white chocolate lime and coconut mousse. It was a huge joyful sigh of relief as I placed the final box on the stand!  Now I just have to wait for the bride to return from her honeymoon to find out how it tasted .

I could definitely get use to doing chocolate wedding work. It really is so much fun. Congratulations Elly and Joel!

xoxoxo Cocoa Jo

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3 Responses to A Byron Bay Wedding: Part 1….

  1. Bec Downes says:

    again Jo, you are amazing, look forward to seeing more of your creations in the future

  2. Kim B says:

    Wow, fantastic!!!! Well done :)

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